Sunday, April 25, 2010

ghetto hams

I had been driving past this "place" (gotta keep dat shit unda lock) every morning on the school bus and thought how good it would be for a ghetto, little did i know someone had already set up some icey obstacles... And considering that the day was considerably miserable we thought it would be good to head undercover and this place popped into mind, so we went to check it out and found the glory that the following photo's entail, we also had some jolly good times..

laddin' it
check cam for extra props

what secret hams went down...
check cam for extra props

checkin dat footayy
unocolour: home of hawt posts
pretty fun
some ugly cunt
pretend your dont know im taking this photo
now thats ghetto

Friday, April 16, 2010


Havent updated in a while been semi busy with work and other things. This is just an update of a whole load of photos from my holiday to Byron Bay, we went to Bluesfest which was pretty cool. My uncle got us free tickets because he plays with peter green, we also checked out byron bay which was a pretty cool town and over all it was a fun holiday (sorry about the lack of detail but photos speak 1000 words.. sooo.. check it)
also finally got my learners, check signature for extra props
bluesfest, angus and julia stone
gogol bordell0
view from the hotel
a pretty picture....

my uncle on the left, peter green on the right
blue king brown.. POWER TO DA PEOPLE!! haha

jude through the peephole in the hotel
me and jude made a hammer as wave