Saturday, May 29, 2010


we skated morno park and spots brahhhh and i made a park clip...

photos of the highly interesting day coming when i can be farked............


some requested photos from a partayyyyyyyyy and a photo of the rare razzles likes bazzles

Youtube Sucks Dick

With there gay warner bros copyright shit, they took down rosebud sessions #3 and threatened to delete my entire account if I uploaded it again. Ill most likely keep using youtube in the meanwhile as much as i'd like to upload all my vids to vimeo I can't be fucked. But I have uploaded rosebud sessions #3 and ill probably upload a few of my other clips that i have spent a bit of time on.. so heres my vimeo link d00dsssss

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


we went to da citayyyy
we met hamid at riverside
did some wallies
went to a spot for hamid to do a ham
rem vxing a secret ham
what is the ham?
cry me a river
goin back for more (artfag)
riley took all these photos of rem i think he has a crush <3
unocolours new bloggers, yes i'm quite rinkly for my age

rizza, we went to museum and illed out we also saw corey duffel 2.0 here
some dude chillin' in his boxers
drug adicts
heyyy look at that... stranded at franga for an hour in the dark was fun..... although there were more drug deals going down than you could shake a stick at. junkies filling up there needles in the middle of the street, was fuckeddd.