Thursday, January 21, 2010



went for a trip to the citayyy the other day started with a nice 6 am wake up before persuing the two and a half hour journey.. but it was a fun day and we also got a few clips for the street tage i'm makin'. we warmed up at st kilda and got the blood flowing, also got a few tricks and lines after we were done there we headed of to get some lunch and then headed back into the city to skate imax..

riley. still tired from the early wake up.. word has it that this strange creature only comes out of hybernation once a year and that once its eyes are open they reach up to two, two and a half inches..

you heard him..

pretty boy

tom.. arse

riley claimed he was gonna 50-50 the whole rollercoaster but pussied out.. pussy

i wonder if luna park has an ass

tom... arse asked for a cheese burger dipped in chocolate but they fuked up the order and just gave him a vegemite and whipped mayo cone

warmin up, this gap is so much bigger than i thought it would be

rem and rem were throwin down sw bigflips

pfft i used to eat gaps like this for brunch

kicky fuck up

this is where boards die..

rem and rem, broke board and broke board

classic crazy guy hula hoopin for money and he was like 80 aswell haha

we went back to franga so remrem could get boards we also went for a sesh and the headed of..