Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Skated rosey today with jem, nick, max, ed and hamid and jason came down later also some dudes came down from ringwood who were funny as f3ck. (if you want big pictures for myspace and shit go here http://s874.photobucket.com/albums/ab303/uno_pictures/)
"oh hey guys!"
we decided to head over to get a frosty one
behold the 80 cent basket
from the 80 cent basket max got a creamy soda and pasito good choice and also decided to get some cheese stick things
jem chose a pepsi max
nicks choice was a pasito good choice
my choice from the 80 cent basket was a pasito good beverage and diet coke cause i need to watch my weight
rosebloods way to ghetto there was glass all over the park
TRE BANGA hamid got some new shoes cons pretty sick
haha this looks weird as f3ck
ringwood dude #1 and jem
ringwood dude #2 and maxy
end of the day my blogger ran out of battery.

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