Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pt. 1

Some photo's from the expedition to ye old england.. Unfortunately our second leg of the flight was cancelled but we managed to get a flight to madrid and from there flew to london which resulted in a much longer journey but we made it and i am here now.
Jude was chilling on the plane..

While i was playing pokemon
Not the usual weather in madrid..
Some guy was walking around Madrid airport handing out a light and a light globe thing, the wierd part was he didn't even ask for money or anything just placed the objects on our table, walked away put a few on others tables and then picked them all up again..
This was the note next to the objects, if you can speak spanish please translate haha
This guy was really confusing, I couldn't work out if he was a statue or one of those guys pretending to be a gold statue.
A ledge in Madrid
A manual pad in Madrid
And finally a small bench in madrid shame it was too wet to skate..
A weird copy of coca cola, except it was chocolate milk
I was going to 3 flip into it but it was too wet.. .... .....

Jude escorting me around the airport

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