Tuesday, March 30, 2010


all photo's taken by rem, riley and nick

behind the scenes

noze grizzle (art fag)
mullet man himself
noxe grizzle take 2
noze grizzle take 3
coles to get some food and liquor

berrttttt slideee


fresh produce
quite nice looking cake
rem couldn't wait for his liquor
rem told this lassie how beautiful she was
she was flattered
medussa is at it again
mullet man

tasty tooobbssss
derr derrrrrr
also finished da sorrraa clippp brahhhhh

Sunday, March 21, 2010


words by riley..

Our big day at the city, well, I started the day at about 8 o’clock in the morning at Rem’s shack. We didn’t get much sleep because there was an annoying beeping sound all night witch we later found out it was Rems pager goin off all night coz he’s broben doya hustler. Anyway. As we approached the bus stop I was feeling exited and thinking about the big day ahead of me, a we got on the bus I asked for a zone one and two daily and ended up paying for Rem. I decided to back over my pockets to discover how much money I had witch ended up being 5 dollars ( what a waste of fifteen dollars!). I was accompanied by sir Louis Dodd and Eddy Buckly. Unfortunately Big Macca could not make it because he slipped on a traveller pie when he was doing a specky the day before.

Once we got to the city we headed to Riverslide skatepark but unfortunately there was no water slide inside, but Hackmed was there so we picked him up and went to the library to skateboard. After about ten second we where kicked out by some asian security guard, I was going to fuck him up but he probably had an uzi or a samuri sword. So we went to Maccas to get some tucka. After that we went to Lincon square where Louie filmed a run and Rems board fell in the water and he started crying. But I fixed him up with a soft serve witch cheered him up. Next spot we went to was the docklands where there was soccer people starting riots which was pretty intense. We skated there for a while and had a blast until some old cunt kicked us out , so I kindly told him to go have a stroke. So we headed to southern cross station and scored some free towls on the way. When we got on the train we where well and truly pooped. We had a great time in the city and also while im at it im going to be doing a review on my Bureau of Meteorology mouse pad that mum bought me off ebay and will be up soon on www.youtube.com/Acrillicskate . By Riley Shannon- Jones Nurong 8. Helped by Rem.

photos of the day (not in order)
macca and the boyss!!
doped out
schooled out
me with my old amateur camera

just before the boot
first spot got the boot straight away, shame, was looking forward to getting some footage there
rem lookin super hawt.....
chimpanzee riley
sup br0!
meeting up with hamid at rivers

filmed a couple things in this with my dvx (ender and manual no-comply) to give it a test run..
hope you like it, should be releasing many more now that i have a good camera..

Friday, March 12, 2010


i went to adams 18th yesterday, it was fun and i took a few pictures
check it.
the b-day boy and the drinks
lachlan having 2 shots of jimmy and cola... noice
tommy and nick
tom not looking so well
the set up
nicholas mixin' that shit up..
my beverage for the night
adz the b-day boy, jammin
thomas the tank engine
"yeah, the beach is that way..."
cool patterns
me, tess, beau
me and tess
lachie likes to think he looks tough
how rude!
blue steel?
the chad
paige, amy, madie
grenda's love..
the one, the only, g unit.
milly was sooo excited to be on the blog.... haha
i'm guessing they wanted me to piss off haha
so i went and talked to snapper 2.0, the main man
techa's tent...
big poppa
maddy and paige
mixin' it up